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Thyme Lord 60 #470518

Thyme Lord

Race: Nord
Gender: Male
Class: Farmer


Once a simple farmer from Rorikstead, you learned of the less-than-savory deals that caused the fertile soil. After this, you set out into the wild, searching for some method of stopping this evil. Over the years you hunted for some Aedric avatar, the experiences of Skyrim's deadly wilderness turned you into a formidable warrior. Finally you realized the you could stop the Daedra yourself, and devoted life to the servitude of Akatosh, Lord of Time. During all this you never abandoned the skills farming had taught you, and soon you set out to stop the demons infesting your hometown, equipped with potions and a new gift for time


Stats: 0/2/1

Head: Fur Helmet
Neck: Necklace of Remedy
Armor: Fur Armor
Finger: Ring of Rejuvination
Hands: Fur Bracers
Shield: Whiterun Guard's Shield
Feet: Fur Boots
Shout: Slow Time
Weapons: Hunting Bow, Woodcutter's Axe

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