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The Dracomancer 53 #470621

The Dracomancer

You are the Dracomancer, A Nord born and raised in Solitude. From early on in your life, you were a very creative and charismatic child. You especially loved to read stories and tales of other people. You are a kind hearted person and you also have an interest in spells. The whole town loved you and frequently told your parents that you were blessed to have such a wonderful child. When you were about 7 or 8 years old, some town bullies came and beat you up. The bullies came everyday to beat you up, and always took one thing from you, your money. One day, when the bullies came, you yelled at them and the power of the dragon surged through you. You blew off one of the bully's arm. You are the Dragonborn. You were afraid and scared and ran straight back home. You wrecked the house, by accident, and your parents were scared. They had no clue what to do, so your parents sent you to train with the Greybeards. The Greybeards taught you to control your power and use it for defense. When you became an adult, you left the Greybeards, and returned to Solitude. You came back to your old house and saw that it was burned to the ground and that your parents were killed. The townspeople told you that some bandits came and burned it. You became enraged and stormed out of the city to find the bandits. As you were along a road, some guards asked whats wrong with you. You told them to piss off and keep walking. The guards got mad and attacked you. You attacked back and were defeated. They carted you off to Helgen. This where the story begins.

RP Aspects:
-Don't join any other guild, except for the College of Winterhold to pursue your creative side in destruction spells.
-DON'T KILL PAARTHURNAX, he is a good dragon, and you spare the good people/things.
-Just deal with you asking "What is a Dragonborn?" or just ask it and ignore it.

-Dual Wield a Frost Destruction Spell and an enchanted Dragon bone sword. When fighting dragons, whip out Dragonbane.
-Dragon Priest mask Konahrik
-Miraak's gear except for the mask

Utilize the Thu'um to your best. Especially the Dragon Aspect shout.

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