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The Alchemist Remastered 48 #470649

hello all this is a remaster from The Alchemist.

you can make whatever backstory for the alchemist if you want i am not very good at making them, maybe you can post a cool and realistic backstory in the comments and ill coby and paste them.

Race: you can use either Dunmer Bosmer, Breton or Khaiit. all of them have 20 skill points in alchemy.

Standing Stone: The Alchemist is either going to use the Thief stone or the Serpent stone.

Stats: 60% health and 40 stamina.

Roleplaying/Playstyle: as an alchemist you will be gathering as much ingredients as you can, tasting do research on them and make potion and poison that you will use on your self/for your wepons to use against you enemies. you will be deciding on what potions and poisons to use.

Factions: there are couple of factions you could join. Thieves Guild, The Dark Brotherhood, The Companions (maybe). Nightinangales (maybe) the Civil war factions is up to you.

Gear: Armor: you'll be either using Chiting Armor or Leather Armor. you will be using Krosis a dragon priest mask it gives you +20% to Lockpicking, Archery, Alchemy. make sure you have Fortify Alchemy on your armor to make better potions and poison. also upgrade you armor at a workbench.
Wepons: you are going to use a Dwarven Crossbow and an Ebony Sword.

hope you guys like this remastered build please show some love and give me feedback thanks emoticon

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