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Deadpool 39 #470789

Good, you clicked on my build. So you want to know how to play with me (wink, wink)? The good thing is, I can't die, because of this awesome healing factor! I once fully healed from a single drop of blood (don't try this at home kids). What do you mean, that's impossible in Skyrim? Unghh, fine, but just give me a ring and necklace of Revival. Oh, and don't forget to activate the Lady stone and give me some sweet healing spells!
I am usually a nice guy, but don't you dare betray me! Otherwise, I will penetrate you with my long, hard, slightly curved stick. Actually, I've two of them. They are called Blades sword, but don't let that fool you! These katana's are mine! And for god's sake, if I hear that phrase of 'arrow in the knee' from any guard, I kill him. Slowly. Veeery slowly.
But beside that, I don't want to make it personal. So when encountering bandits, I just pull out my guns... What guns, you ask? Seriously, you don't even have f*cking guns in this game? "Sigh", are there crossbows in this game? Then that will be my gun in this game.
So I have to make my own healing factor, there are no guns... I hope you have my suit. WHAT?! You don't? Then let me choose something myself. It has to be red, so I don't have to wash it everytime I bleed. Let's see... Ooh, I take that suit! It has some nice bonusses to Archery and sneak attacks with my swords, plus I'm fully resistent to poison, and they can't hear me coming! Which one you ask? Come on, you can guess! I'll put the name of the suit in a spoiler, but guess first!
You really want to know it, don't you?
The name of the suit is:
Drumrolls please!
The Ancient Shrouded Armor!

Oh, wait! WAIT! There is a sweet set named Worn Shrouded Armor. You can enchant those for me! Just give me extra health and health regeneration, and then better one-handed and archery!
I'll do anything for money, so that I can buy sweetroles. Have you tasted those?! They are delicious! I want them all!

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