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Nightingale Rogue 70 #470804

Race: Khajit, Wood Elf, Imperial, Breton, Argonian
Stats: 2/2/1

This class is loosely inspired by the Rogue and Bard classes. However, there are perks that help balance the class’s close combat and range depending on the type of enemy is being encountered. Illusion is used for defensive purposes and to provide more options for sneaking. The class does sacrifice utility for combat prowess, but this enables the Rogue to venture into tombs and take on tough enemies that are unavoidable, along with being able to fight dragons easier with access to ranged damage output. This class is best in combat in one on one fights so Illusion should be used as a means of crowd control for lesser mobs. Speech is a natural choice to allow the Rogue for high income. Since there is no perks in any crafting, any stolen armor or potions can be sold to a fence and laundried by purchasing it back for as little cost as possible. This build is best for Nightingale armor or Linwe’s armor. A good sword like the Nightingale blade or Chillrend is kept in the main hand while a dagger like the Blade of Woe is kept off hand to utilize the Assassin’s Blade perk and to activate faster dual wield strikes, since off hand weapons dictate the speed of power dual wielding. It should be noted daggers are unaffected by fortify one handed enchantments like the Nightingale gloves offer, so it is acceptable to neglect Assassin’s Blade for a dual wield sword set instead. Finally, Shadow Warrior with decent Sneak allows you to crouch during combat and disappear into the darkness. However, this is also utilized well in combat because any attack you do while your opponent is in front of you turns into a Sneak attack when attacking out of the effect of Shadow Warrior. (NOTE: It is worth mentioning critical strike perks are ignored because they only double BASE damage of a weapon and do not multiply perks or fortification enchantments. Combat utility is prioritized as a result.)

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