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The Sneaky Ranger 75 #471025

The Sneaky Ranger uses a bow as his main weapon. It really doesn't matter which bow you use for this build but I used the Glass Bow of the Stag Prince because of it's perks. It just makes sense for a Ranger to also hunt animals as well as his enemies.

The Sneaky Ranger also uses a sword or a dagger. Just like the bow, it really doesn't matter what sword you use for this build and I just used the best sword I could find, changing to a new sword if it is better than the one i'm currently using. For the dagger I used Mehrune's Razor because of how much damage it really does. It really doesn't matter if you use a sword or a dagger, but the dagger makes more sense for a sneaky character.

The armor for this build consists of:

Shrouded Cowl

Fortify health armor
( Doesn't Matter What Kind)

Fortify one handed bracers or gloves
(Again, Doesn't Matter What Kind )

Fortify sneak boots
( Also Doesn't Matter What Kind)

This is a pretty customizable build and you don't have to follow it exactly for it to be a functioning build. I hope you guys enjoy the build and I hope it works for you. ( I may be making more builds, so comment what kind of build you would want to see.)

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