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The Survivalist 69 #471079

The Survivalist is a Dark Elf from Morrowind he/she came to Skyrim after the red mountain erupted. The Survivalist fled to Skyrim with a group of Dunmar that were fleeing to, as the survivalist crossed the border Imperials started to come out of bushes and off the side of hills. Not realizing that it was an Ambush meant for the stormcloaks the survivalist ran into the woods hoping to get away. As the Imperials started to leave one noticed the red eyes coming from behind a tree. the escort walked into the woods and dragged the survivalist by the hair and though he/she into the carriage knocking he/she out. (beginning of Skyrim)

The Survivalist will kill the Dark Brotherhood, and side with the stormcloaks, the rest is up to the player.

The survivalist uses light armor (All fur)
Uses two silver swords and an Imperial bow with Frost damage on it

The survivalist uses his/her bow until the enemy gets to close to use a bow
The serpent stone is used so that the player can paralyze an enemy if the time arrives when the player needs to haul but out of an area to heal, etc.

The Survivalist is a sneaky archer when using his/her bow and a tank when using his/her two swords

The state ratio is 0 magika/ 5 health/ 5 stamina

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