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MoneyHungrySwine 72 #471134

As a child growing up for greg was not easy Greg's family hated him his born by mistake "wink wink" his parents were rich people but sent Greg to a foster home at the age of 12 Greg loved his family he didn't know why they hated him at the foster home all the kids didn't like Greg either the she told Greg he needed to do what he neto do she wanted him to kill his mother and father he was so young he didn't know any better .By the age of 16 he was taught to steal and do whatever to get money Greg was training to fight and use fire to kill his parents so he planed it with the caretaker so he went to find the and when he did he said "I hope you rot in sovengar and killed them both stole all their riches and items of value . but he was just a little happy he wanted to be the richest man to live so Greg sought out to Skyrim were the wealth was. The end

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