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Nocturnal Spectre 28 #471191


Zuriel is an assassin of Voiceless council, There's a lot to say about him, but perhaps most important is that he's ambitious and independent. He is certainly has proven himself to be a cunning individual, evading authorities at every turn who might seek him for questioning for some horrendous, law-breaking atrocity.
He spent her early years engaged in meticulous study of nature's laws peering into essentials of magic and stealth, northerners called Zuriel the “Black Spectre”, some of them believe that he is the demonic manifestation of humanity's dark urges and therefore cannot be reasoned with, others said he is the man who hiding from his shady past

- high elf (altmer), dark elf (dunmer), redguard
- 440H, 180M, 230S
- skill level 28, actual level 56 ( up to 56 level )
- light armor (shroud, nightingale ..)
- swords , daggers
- mage, serpent
- aura whisper, throw voice, slow time
- if its needed any ranged capability
- thieves, dark brotherhood
- any health, stamina, magicka absorb (sword)
- any magic damage (bow)
- fortify illusion (chest)
- fortify one handed (hands)
- muffle (boots)
- fortify lockpick (neck)
- magicka regeneration (ring)
- clairvoyance (novice)
- fury (novice)
- muffle (apprentice)
- invisibility (expert)
- keybinds are 1.muffle 2. invisibily 3. clairvoyance 4. fury
- torch(5) , lockpicks, wooden plate, tankard, cow hide


> General
- Building an any character requires patience and work, this is why ranking between spells or skills. For an example, muffle spell important for this character and its able to take in early levels before invisibility, this is helps you to learn casting muffle before entering invisibility, this is like practise because invisibility without muffle reveals your footstep sounds and its will be break your invisibility, therefore most of people asking why target detects me even i m in invisible mode, so its important to use skills or spells combinations correctly
This build makes you 56 level which can be encounter with level 50 Ancient dragon which has 3k health, anyway there is not much enemy except dlc contents and the main concept is being useful, realistic and strong character in related race or class, not being most big or strong creature in skyrim, if you wana defeat a dragon one punch this build not for you
This character is has stability as much as can possible, adjusted for simple and comfortable usage, so you can add any recommendations, spells or skills but careful for not break the overall shape

> Combat
- Character is dual wield, usually dagger on left hand, sword on right hand or both hands are will be use swords, dual daggers not recommended
- Sneaking and invisibility different things, this is not a sneakish character so avoid to use sneaking
- Do not attempt clear all mobs around like warrior, nightblades are kind of assassins that who goes through their targets by using invisibility
- able to replace melee to ranged by swaping one handed to archery, if you dont like to be overpowered dont attempt to use both skills together
> Magic
- Clairvoyance can be used in some cases finding perfect route, finding some objectives which is dont have marker etc..
- Muffle helps you moves more silently, cast it before entering invisibility
- Invisibility helps you stay hidden for limited time, cast it when you go through target or getting lost in the crowd, unlike sneaking its not requieres stay in darker areas
> Shouts
- Aura whisper, its like perception or awarness its helps you walk more carefully around or not getting caught in crowd, cast it after invisibility
- Throw whisper, helps you for getting less distraction on you or moves distraction to another side
- Slow time, most important shout, its gives you dodge ability like quick reflexes also its mean you re speed than enemy
> Stones
- Mage stone selected for increasing nightblades magic capability for casting spells easly
- Serpent stone is well known paralyze sign for nightblades
- able to use both stones with artifact if you want to
> Skills
- one handed dual wield %20 speed selected for sword usage, you can upgrade to %35 for daggers usage but not recommended, also dual savagery skipped because nightblades tend to crits rather than strenght

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