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Vampire Lord 30 #471194

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This seems like an amazing build! emoticon

By L3g0m0n on Jan 26, 2018
#6885 Reply
Have you considered using Alteration to improve the duration of the Slow Time Thu'um?

By wuyixiang on Jan 24, 2018
#6870 Reply
I think Alteration is surely a path to follow further once the base is set with perks. I think I could list a section with optional or secondary skills to a build which you probably acquire for a few key perks but don't actually use. I mean I can't see my Vampire Lord cast armour spells. Just doesn't fit to my imagination. But I can imagine him investing in a trainer every once in a while to get his skill up so he can take the good passives.

By Zlorfik on Jan 25, 2018
#6874 Reply
Yeah, definitely. I sink gold into Trainers to get some key passives all the time, especially getting Block for Deadly Bash on archers. emoticon

By wuyixiang on Jan 25, 2018
#6879 Reply
emoticon Awesome build!

By Kride on Jan 23, 2018
#6865 Reply
Thanks! I'm glad you like it emoticon

By Zlorfik on Jan 25, 2018
#6875 Reply
I agree. This is a pretty solid build overall.

By CurseNeverDying on Jan 23, 2018
#6866 Reply
Thanks mate, much appreciated.

By Zlorfik on Jan 25, 2018
#6876 Reply