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The "Spy" 42 #471212

Backstory (simplified)
the spy grew up in the Imperial city waterfront alone with no family. He was an only child, his mother died by skooma addiction, which left his father to teach him the ways of the warrior, but his dad died in the great war that followed three years later. With what money he had left, the spy went to the arcane university to learn all he can. However, with most students, power over took him wanting to destroy. Destroy what? No one knows but him. Knowing everything about destruction he then seeks adventure along with his knowledge of the sword, he goes to enroll only to find out he was “denied” the solider position, instead Emperor Titus Mede II gave him a spec ops mission to Skyrim. The spy’s mission was to figure out what the storm cloaks are up to and eradicate any evil within Skyrim, but before his mission begins he is caught on the border without his special ID papers and is taken to Helgan. The spy will join the storm cloaks until he finds the jagged crown giving it to General Tullius.

Skills= One-Handed, Heavy Armor, Destruction, Enchanting
Stats= 30% Magicka/ 40% Health/ 30% Stamina

Nordic Sword [Chaos Damage, Absorb Health]
Fortify Destruction= Armor, Necklace, Ring, Circlet
Fortify one-Handed= Hands, Boots, Necklace, Ring

College of Winterhold
Storm Cloaks [briefly]
Imperial Legion
The Companions [optional]

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