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Soul Stalker 60 #471213


Race: Dunmer or Nord
Gender: Male or Female
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Heavy Archer




Armor Set: Ebony Armor (Fortify Light Armor, Archery, Sneak, Muffle, and Health Regen)
Extra Apparel: Linwe's Hood, Bone Hawk Ring and Silver Necklace (Fortify Conjuration and Resist Magic)
Weapons: Bound Bow, Bound Sword


Conjuration: Bound Bow, Bound Sword, Wrathman, Mistman, Boneman
Shouts: Become Ethereal, Call of Valor, Disarm, Dismay, Drain Vitality, Marked for Death, Soul Tear, Summon Durnehviir


Powers: Summon Spectral Assassin, Shadowcloak of Nocturnal, Secret of Arcana
Active Effects: Seeker of Might, Ethereal Spirit, Agent of Mara
Standing Stone: Warrior Stone => Lady Stone


Soul of Death

Requires: Summon Wrathman, Become Ethreal, Twin Souls, Feim
Summary: Raise two long dead warriors who will defend you while you retreat to the safety of the ether, restoring your lifeforce
Process: Summon two Wrathman, Shout Become Ethereal


Requires: Soul Tear, Shadowcloak of Nocturnal, Summon Spectral Assassin
Summary: Call a lost assassin to your aid, then curse an enemy to serve you in unlife before disappearing into the shadows
Process: Summon Spectral Assassin, then shout Soul Tear and use the Shadowcloak



Once a loyal servant of Azura, you lived a content, if unusual life with a minor cult hidden in Dawnstar. However, when the Mythic Dawn Museum opened, and Vermina's Nightcaller Temple stirring, your patron prince decided she needed to reinstate her power in the area. Sent to capture the souls of rival cults, your small group set out to prove your faith. However, this wasn't exactly the life you had in mind. In the midst of a close battle with the reawakened, your best friend, a dark elf named Skaeh, was hit by a firebolt. As his body lay on the bloodsoaked snow, you looked at the madness around you in horror. Swearing an oath to stop the Daedra from making pawns of your fellow mortals, you stole the three artifacts of thee princes. Though you destroyed the Skull of Corruption and Mehrune's Razor, you kept Azura's Star. If it was souls the Daedra wanted, then souls they would get. But this time it would be their own followers, so that the cults of Skyrim will be no more.


Jenessa - Mercenary
Vilkas - Companion

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