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Ilu Alagos 18 #471384

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To your builds: the ones i looked at were not overpowered. It was a compliment because other people often post overpowered ones and yours seem pretty balanced.

I have only been able to look at your oldest builds so far. Will keep on looking through them once i have time. They look pretty solid to me. Here and there a choice i dont get that could be explained in description/comments, just like you do here emoticon

By Zlorfik on Jan 31, 2018
#6921 Reply
i just wanted to write some recommendations for you but i was just lazy about it and i cut it shortly then it seems rudely as seen,
i m sorry if i m upset you, keep it up, your builds fine to me
for eternus, yes there is not much thing on it because my english is not good as writing long stories like other members, it seems on my new builds too, perks and overall build shapes more important for me, and i dislike to being overpowered, tell me which my build is overpowered and i will delete or redesign it gladly

By clawshaper on Jan 31, 2018
#6914 Reply

ah, you understand me wrong, there is no offense, I didn't say it don't like it, you wanted to do simple and useful build I know, but there are some conflicts and some questions about it, seems main problem is ahzidal mask
for example
-this build seems 29 level with 250 mana 100 health 100 stamina with ahzidal mask, but ahzidal appears when player level 60 ( other dragon priests appears on minimum level 50)
-ahzidal in Kolbjorn Barrow, its in solstheim, hearstone quests appears after player level 30 ?
-for ahzidal mask quest you need to be have at least 3000k gold for payin to npc at 29 level
-if you cant get mask how you gona cast master level spells with 150 mana without mask
-at 29 level you re goin to face off 1 to 29 lvl enemies which is +500k health (blood dragon 1421 health, bandits +400 health and above) is it maximum 18 sec duration become ethernal will save you ?

By clawshaper on Jan 31, 2018
#6913 Reply
Azhidal shows up at any level when you complete that excavation in Solsthiem.

By CurseNeverDying on Jan 31, 2018
#6917 Reply
You don't have to be those levels to do those quests.

By calciumstrength on Jan 31, 2018
#6916 Reply
ok use it then..

By clawshaper on Jan 30, 2018
#6908 Reply
I will. And i don't think it's nice to just bash on another person's build just because you don't like it.

By Zlorfik on Jan 30, 2018
#6910 Reply
please put only usable builds on public

By clawshaper on Jan 30, 2018
#6903 Reply
It's absolutely usable. It's just not time-efficient, or really, entertaining in my opinion. lol

By wuyixiang on Jan 30, 2018
#6906 Reply
Whether a build is usable or not is very subjective. If you play on legendary difficulty it might be very boring... But usable.

But this build allows you to fulfill the main quest and about every other quest in skyrim so this build is perfectly usable. You just don't seem to like it and that's fine. I don't force you to.

By Zlorfik on Jan 30, 2018
#6905 Reply
I don't think anyone is trying to slam your build. It's certainly got potential, and with some more perks can dish out some respectable damage over time.

I played a build the crystallurgist by a dude named Teccam that could dish out 45 to 60 damage per second wth flame cloak alone. And the cloak had a range almost large enough to scorch anything within 30 ft.

The secret to that is getting the perk aspect of terror from the Illusion tree and maxing out alchemy for some strong fortifh destruction potions. Aspect of terror causes any fire attack to deal 10 puts extra damage. So you're getting +10 dps on your cloak.

By CurseNeverDying on Jan 30, 2018
#6902 Reply
I know of that one. But because this is a 100% bug, i do not include it. Same as i don't include any glitches.

I agree that you can increase your efficiency with alchemy and yes you could go on from here. I usually try to make builds which are complete in themselves. I provide a base. Also, i save them for my own pleasure and i think that some people might find the core idea of the build interesting. Everybody will however implement their own version of a core idea. So somebody might go for the aspect of terror bug, others might go for alchemy.

That's not the point. I provide a framework upon which people can build.

By Zlorfik on Jan 30, 2018
#6904 Reply
Often I decide at the beginning whether my build is "sentient" or not. Basically if they are "sentient" then they know how to exploit the strange physics of Skyrim (glitches). However, if they aren't, I avoid glitches. It turns it from a bug into a roleplay aspect.

By LifeSmith on Feb 1, 2018
#6923 Reply
A lot of people seem to have a problem with bugs glitches and and exploits. Why is that?

By CurseNeverDying on Jan 31, 2018
#6918 Reply
I suppose it's because you're not playing the game "as intended", but I don't speak for everyone. It's just my reasoning for when I play through a game for the first or second time.

By wuyixiang on Jan 31, 2018
#6919 Reply
Bethesda pretty much uses their own customers as bug testers. So I could argue I am playing the game as intended. Lol.

By CurseNeverDying on Jan 31, 2018
#6920 Reply
Well played, sir.

By wuyixiang on Feb 1, 2018
#6922 Reply
On notes of glitches i usually don't use them because they give the player an advantage that is much beyond what i would call balanced. E.g. armour duplication glitches are not fun if you clone a unique item because then it wouldn't be unique anymore, right? And other glitches like the restoration-enchantment-combo is outright overpowered for every application you could think of. I do have a build revolving around that glitch in order to achieve 0 cooldown on shouts and made it a shout only build with no armour.

If i do uE a glitch i tend to try to make the build vulnerable in another point because the game would not be a challenge anymore and thus no longer fun.

By Zlorfik on Feb 1, 2018
#6927 Reply
A powerful exploit just needs to be paired with the right kind of weaknesses to balance it all out

By CurseNeverDying on Feb 2, 2018
#6928 Reply
On a side note, I personally see the "Aspect of Terror" and "Intense Flames" synergy as more of a quirk than a bug, but that's just me.

By wuyixiang on Jan 30, 2018
#6907 Reply
Well aspect of terror is supposed to increase fear level and not have anything to do with fire. The intense flames only so far is connected with aspect of terror that higher level enemies should flee, in case health gets low.
That's no "quirk" however you twist and turn it. Thats outright a bug.

By Zlorfik on Jan 30, 2018
#6909 Reply
You could stand to throw more perks into this. Alchemy would work very nicely here. Destruction potions increase both the range and damage of your cloaks.

By CurseNeverDying on Jan 29, 2018
#6900 Reply
Have you playtested this? I worry that a build based around standing next to enemies and waiting for them to die from DoT might not be the most thrilling experience.

By calciumstrength on Jan 29, 2018
#6898 Reply
I'm seconding this sentiment. It's an interesting concept, but in reality, I doubt I'd have the patience.

By wuyixiang on Jan 29, 2018
#6899 Reply
I do think that killing this way is pretty slow. But immortality while dealing damage should come at a price. If it gets too boring for you, you can always set the difficulty on novice. That way the enemy dies faster.

Or you can try a different build. This one is for role playing emoticon

By Zlorfik on Jan 29, 2018
#6901 Reply