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The Shadowscale Archer 92 #471555

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I have finished it now hope you like and give me tips

By Parthalan on Jan 26, 2018
#6880 Reply
I have done a bit of improvements to this build so that it includes magic a bit

By Parthalan on Jan 25, 2018
#6877 Reply
Great Build! I play better as a sneaky character. emoticon

By L3g0m0n on Jan 25, 2018
#6872 Reply
Nice build, however there is absolutely no need for maxed out sneak tree and light armor tree. Alteration tree replaces them easily. Just get to silent casting perk on illusion as well.. If you get expert on illusion, you can cast invisibility and muffle (as apprentice),this would save you a ton of armor perks, and give you additional magical resistance... As far as alchemy tree only poisoner branch would apply to keep in character. Pick up a few block perks, on the right side, to defend yourself if they manage to get in range. Max out archer perks.

By Aevornskr on Jan 22, 2018
#6860 Reply
Nice build, I normally don’t use alchemy so it will be fun to try.

By SandwichLover42 on Jan 22, 2018
#6859 Reply