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The Axe Fanatic 32 #471908

The Axe Fanatic is a dual axe wielder that has tons of stamina so that he can use power attacks one after another. ( also it helps you get to unmarked destinations quicker. )

The Axe Fanatic collects every axe that he sees. He only likes war axes because the battle axes are too heavy for him to be able to run into battle and quickly slaughter his enemies with them. He only uses light armor for the same reason.

The Axe Fanatic is so obsessed with axes that he shaves his beard with one, named his dog hatchet, and has axes all over his walls in his house. The Axe Fanatic's love for axes is from when he was a boy and a bandit attacked his father near Windhelm while the two were on a walk. The bandit was wielding an axe when he slaughtered the Axe Fanatic's father. The Axe Fanatic ran towards the bandit, ripped the axe out of his hand, and started hacking at the bandit until the bandit was no more than a pile of chopped bone and flesh. The Axe fanatic took the bandit's head to Windhelm with him to tell the guards what had happened to his father. The guards saw the bandit's head in the boy's hand and asked him what his name was. The bow said that he didn't have one. The people of Windhelm started calling him Hack because of what had happened. The name stuck and he as benn known as Hack since then.

Uses only light armor ( whichever armor you want to use)

Uses only war axes ( he will switch them out if he finds better ones)

You can choose whatever race you want. emoticon

You can have whatever war paint you want. emoticon

Honestly it doesn't have to be male either, that's just what i chose for the backstory. emoticon

I hope you guys enjoy the build! I'm using this build right now so i know it works.
As always you don't have to follow the build exactly. Thank you and hope you enjoy.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!!! emoticon

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