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Corvus Bloodclaw 77 #472119

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you could write this story in description page as they mentioned

By clawshaper on May 5, 2018
#7107 Reply
This more lost his mother at the age of 7. Having to live with an abusive stepfather he left the only home he ever knew. He also wanted to avenge his father, dying to a vampire. Running into the darkness of night, he snuck onto a carriage. After 5 hours of complete bell from splinters, the smell of piss, and constant bumping of the wagon he arrived in Riften. When the man went to get items out of the back he found Corvus. He sent him to the written orphanage, and having to deal with grenlda the kind. On the third night at the orphanage Brenda smacked him across the face. At night he snuck out. Once again running into the darkness he bumped into Brynjolf trying to breaking inside of a house. He better him to let him join the guild, promised to do whatever it takes. Brynjolf accepted him. Items: nightingale armor, ebony bow, and daedric daggers. Werewolf and serpent perk.

By Corvus98750 on May 5, 2018
#7106 Reply
I cannot harp on this enough. *Description section* is blank.

By wuyixiang on May 5, 2018
#7108 Reply
My custom assassin is a true night time shadow!

By Corvus98750 on Jan 31, 2018
#6912 Reply
Cool, I guess? I mean, there's not all that much to go on.

By wuyixiang on Jan 31, 2018
#6915 Reply
How about this: Corvus is a vampire hunter trying to get revenge for his father who passed at the age of 7. Assassinates people before they even know his is there. Better?

By Corvus98750 on May 4, 2018
#7100 Reply
There’s a lot more to a build that a two sentence backstory, man. What race, stone, and skills did you pick and how to they impact combat? What spells, gear, shouts and powers are being used and how do they synergize with your chosen race skills and perks?

By CurseNeverDying on May 4, 2018
#7104 Reply
One sentence. The fragment doesn't count.

By wuyixiang on May 5, 2018
#7105 Reply
Not even a little. Your description is still blank.

By wuyixiang on May 4, 2018
#7101 Reply