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The LifeSmith Template 40 #472180

Before you read this, you should know the three basic keys to a successful build.
1st: BB code is crucial for making a presentable build. I use it a lot, but you don't need a ton. Find a sweet spot to convey information in a pleasing, easy-to-read way.
2nd: Have a good layout. Your page should be easy to navigate, and contain relevant information. Your character may have a deep, complex backstory, but writing a novel isn't going to get people excited. Stick with the basics, then throw in your own signature information group, something uncommon that makes the build yours.
3rd: You need a good build! If you make a build like this template, a stereotypical knight, then it's time to go back to the drawing board. This site has thousands or stereotypical knights already, and another one won't be noticed. However, throw in a cool backstory and something unusual, like Illusion, and there you have a solid, unique build.


Race: Nord
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Heavy Knight

The Header is pretty important. It's the first think people see, and it should give the basics of your character: who you are; how you are; and what you are. Race/gender, Alignment, and Class respectively.




Armor Set: Steel Plate
Extra Apparel: Orc Shield
Weapons: Orc Sword


Destruction: Flames, Fireball
Shouts: Call of Valor, Battle Cry


Powers: Battle Cry, Bones of the Earth
Active Effects: Seeker of Might
Standing Stone: Warrior Stone => Lady Stone

Use the Build section for basic information. This is a simple, yet organized list of the character's equipment and abilities. You can list the enchantments for individual pieces of armor, but I prefer to just let my reader decide, unless it's a special enchantment.



Requires: Sword
Summary: Swing your blade at opponents in melee range
Process: Attack with your sword


Requires: Shield
Summary: Resist incoming damage as you are attacked
Process: Block with your shield
This is where you list special combinations to help you in combat. These can be a major pain to come up with, but are often rewarding and add to the depth of a build.



You grew up in a small farm outside Whiterun, always wishing you could be a heroic knight. However, your parents were poor and couldn't afford any fighting lessons or armor. One day, some bandits attacked your homestead, capturing your family. You fled, swearing to become a great warrior and rescue them.


Lydia ~ Housecarl

Finally, you use the Roleplay section for things like backstory, attitude, and playstyle. This explains how your character acts, so that readers know how to play it. Backstories are fickle, and if too long or short they can seem irrelevant, but you need to give reasons for why your build is the way it is.

How to BBcode LIKE A PRO

For those of you who don't know, BBcode is an amazing tool provided by the Calculator to add Color, Emphasis, and


to your build. You can see examples of how to do this and the awesome things you can do in the "Description" part of your buildpage. I love using BBcode (maybe too much), and I think it really organizes a build. I use it for three main functions:


These make your build easy to navigate, and are really simple to use. If you are using BBcode for the first time, I recommend starting with these. I use h2 for my section headers (Build, Combat, Roleplay), but smaller headers to emphasize things like the Magicka/Health/Stamina spread.


Pictures give a face to the build, but you don't just need a thumbnail. Inserting a full size picture can spice up your build, or give some additional information. I use them to divide my sections.

Bold, Bold, and more Bold

When I give the raw data of the build, like what weapons you use, what spells, and what powers, Bolding comes in extra handy. It makes the category stand out, so you know that it is easily identifiable.
I also bold important terms and lore references in the background. Then a reader can see at a glace where my character is from, and anything important in his or her life.

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