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The LifeSmith Template 40 #472180

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fine guide..emoticon

By clawshaper on Feb 3, 2018
#6944 Reply
Solid template, LifeSmith. Definitely going to be a useful guide for many builders.

By nahcnave on Feb 2, 2018
#6934 Reply
A solid teplate, probably more suited for intermediate builders, unlike my own template. It would be nice to have some examples of "How to BBCode" in each section since a lot of these are significantly less obvious than the simple [B] or [I].

By wuyixiang on Feb 1, 2018
#6925 Reply
It's pretty hard to explain. My first truely coded build, the Death Knight, took me an hour to figure out. Nowadays without using Copy/Paste all the coding can take four to five hours to write and proofread. I have no life, I know emoticon

By LifeSmith on Feb 2, 2018
#6930 Reply
Well, maybe "How" is a little too much, but for example, it took me a while to figure out how to do the Horizontal Line that you use due to laziness and an unwillingness to parse the command list.

By wuyixiang on Feb 2, 2018
#6931 Reply
Well then what do you recommend I do instead of a horizontal line? In your template you only use bold and underline for headings.

By LifeSmith on Feb 2, 2018
#6935 Reply
Wait never mind, I thought you were saying I was being lazy for using the horizontal line haha. My bad. Yeah it really does come in handy, there is a lot of things BBcode can do that I learned from reading other builds.

By LifeSmith on Feb 2, 2018
#6936 Reply
I'm just saying that it might be good to include the tags for less-commonly known things like the line in the template description somewhere. xD

By wuyixiang on Feb 2, 2018
#6937 Reply
Yeah, that is a good idea, it took me forever to finally perfect my copy of this template without knowing the code.

By Chosen on Feb 2, 2018
#6938 Reply

I hate typing on my phone...

By wuyixiang on Feb 1, 2018
#6926 Reply
When I first joined the Calculator, the is the build style I copied. It may take a lot of coding, but the build is very presentable.

By Chosen on Feb 1, 2018
#6924 Reply