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The Nemesis 60 #472265

The Nemesis

Race: Dunmer Vapire
Gender: Male
Occupation: Former Healer
Class: Blood Mage




-Shrouded Hood (Fortify Sneak)
-Black Vampire Armor or Ancient Falmer Cuirass (Fortify Health and Health Regen)
-Vampire Gauntlets or Ancient Falmer Gauntlets (Fortify Magicka and Sneak)
-Vampire Boots or Ancient Falmer Boots (Fortify Fire Resistance and Sneak)

Extra Apparel:
-Ring of Namira (Fortify Stamina and allows the player to feed on dead bodies)
-Ring of the Erudite (Fortify Magicka and Increase Magicka Regen Rate)
-Silver Jeweled Necklace (Fortify Health and Illusion)

-Gaulder Blackblade (Absorb Health)


-Vampiric Drain (Absorb Health)

-Dead Thrall (Raise a powerful dead body to follow you around until replaced or killed)

-Equilibrium (Convert Health to Magicka)
-Ebonyflesh (Increase caster's armor rating)
-Detect Life (Mark nearby living beings)

-Close Wounds (Restore caster's Health)
-Heal Undead (Restore Health to an Undead target)

-Frenzy (Opponents in range attack anyone nearby)
-Fear (Opponents in range run away)
-Muffle (Move silently)

-Become Ethereal (Become briefly invulnerable)
-Marked for Death (Reduce target's Health and Armor)


-Vampire Lord (Transform into a Vampire Lord)
-Bones of the Earth (Reduce 80% incoming damage)
-Secret of Arcana (Spells cost no Magicka for 30 seconds)
-Mora's Boon (Restore Health, Magicka, and Stamina)
-Embrace of Shadows (Once a day become Invisible for 180 seconds)
-Nightingale Strife (Absorb 100 Health from a target)

Active Effects:
-Seeker of Sorcery (Magical Abilities are 10% better)
-Ethereal Spirit (Regen Health faster when Ethereal)
-Nightstalker's Footsteps (Fortify Sneaking)
-Champion of the Night (Fortify Illusion)
-Blood of the Ancients (Vampiric Drain Absorbs Stamina and Magicka)

Standing Stone: Mage Stone => Lady Stone


Blood Fury

Requires: Equilibrium, Frenzy, Nightingale Strife
Summary: Restore your Magicka while driving opponents mad with rage, then steal their Health
Process: Cast Frenzy in one hand and Equilibrium in the other, then use Nightingale Strife


Requires: Marked for Death, Fear, Vampiric Drain
Summary: Weaken a target, filling them with terror as their life force is drained
Process: Shout Marked for Death, then cast Fear and Vampiric Drain



Once a famous healer in Elsweyr, you treated a number of mysterious illnesses until one fateful day. A Khajiit crime lord was rushed to your home by his son, who had apparently been bitten by a Vamipire. All your training was hopeless as the patient became Undead, resisting every spell you could imagine. As the father lay dying, his son swore to make you pay for you incompetence, and thugs hurried in, knocking you out.

You woke in a hazy, cave-looking room, surrounded by empty Skooma bottles. At first you thought that the criminals had needed go get their fix before leaving you for dead, until you noticed the pool of blood. You stood up, feeling stronger than ever before. Then you noticed the fangs. They pricked your lower lip as you stared down on Redwater Spring, looking at your reflection in the crimson pond. A Vampire stared back at you. A Vampire ready to take revenge on the criminals who did this.


Eola ~ Quest


As a Blood Mage, you need a large store of Health to draw from, that way you can sacrifice it to regenerate Magicka in a pinch. Use Restoration out of combat to keep your Health high. Since most of your spells are meant for beginning combat, like Flesh Spells, Frenzy, or Dead Thrall, you can run out of Magicka rather quickly. Equilibrium will restore your Magicka while your Spells go to work.

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