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Mista The Valkyrie 44 #472440

General Information

Valkyries are female figures from norse mythology who decide who lives or dies in battle. They are often depicted either with wings or riding winged horses, wearing rather light and open clothes or armour, a helmet with wings, a shield and either a sword or a spear.
Translated into Skyrim it results in a typical sword & board character with some restoration magic.


Nord recommended


– Female obviously


Steel Plate Helmet
One of
–> Forsworn Armour, Forsworn Boots & Forsworn Gauntlets
–> Savior's Hide, Forsworn Boots & Forsworn Gauntlets
–> Nordic Carved Armour,
Nordic Carved Gauntlets & Nordic Carved Boots
Nordic Sword
Nordic Shield


Close Wounds
Heal Other


Marked for Death
Battle Fury
Call of Valor
Elemental Fury

Notable Abilities

Agent of Dibella – More damage to the opposite sex
Agent of Mara – 15% increased magic resistance
Sailor's Repose – Healing spells cure 10% more


Mista charges at her foes and makes use of her shield in combat very often. Her divine might makes enemies fly away when she runs through them with her shield raised. But she also knows how to place her sword well, yielding in some critical hits every once in a while. She has not the most defense with her light armour, but she completely makes up for it with her blocking skills.
In case she is damaged though she can effectively heal herself every now and then. She can also decide to aid an ally fighting alongside her if she has one by healing him or her. She often decides which enemy she picks to die so she uses marked for death on him. To fortify her excellent battle skills she uses Elemental or Battle Fury. In case of dire need she can also call upon those in Valhalla to fight alongside her.


Mista has been serving the divines for years and years in different battles and in different situations. She has fought in countless battles and decided who would live and who would die.

But now, she was sent on another mission, given by Akatosh himself. She was to bring peace and order to the Stormcloak rebellion. As it was common, she was sent down to Tamriel in the Temple to the divines in the Imperial city. Right after her arrivel she set north towards Skyrim.

On the border however she was captured and almost executed by the empire. But another threat arose. A threat she hadn't been warned about by Akatosh. Alduin, the World eater attacked and prevented her execution. She ran with Ralof down to Riverwood.

In the coming weeks she spent her time relebtlessly aiding the Stormcloaks advancing their position until at last she helped to bring peace to Skyrim. With that out of the way she didn't feel ready to return to Nirn yet.

She set out on a quest to destroy Alduin and after many battles finally achieved it.

Similar builds

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