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Sekhmet, Avatar Of Fire 30 #472492

General Information

Sekhmet is different from your average fire wielding character because he does not deal fire damage with destruction. He makes heavy use of the flaming familiar, the Fire Shout to raise Fire Wyrms and later a Flame Thrall.




Bonemold Pauldron Armour
Bonemold Boots
Bonemold Gauntlets
Dragon Priest Dagger




Conjure Flaming Familiar
Flame Thrall


Fire Breath

Notable Abilities

The Fire Within
Dragonborn Flame


Sekhmet starts combat with a Fire Breath shout in order to kill the weaker enemies right away and raise some Fire Wyrms. Then he looks for an advantageous position and spawns Flaming Familiars all over. He can wipe out entire rooms without even being in the line of sight to his enemies. In cases where the Flaming Familiars can not access his enemies, he might use Flame Atronachs instead. Once he acquires Twin souls, he can have a Flame Thrall companion and just use the remaining summon spot for the Flaming Familiars.
In case enemies run up to him, he can activate his racial power to generate a flame cloak.


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Similar builds

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