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Blubbering War Mage 66 #472543

Blubbering War Mage

Race Breton
Class Mage Warrior
Armor Robes and Such
Main Skills Two Handed and Alteration.


30% to Magicka for casting higher level Conjuration Spells.
45% to Stamina for the high costs of Warhammer and battle-axe swings.
25% to Health with no explanation.
Starting magic resistance of 50% ( Breton racial bonus + Atronach Stone) increased by Arch-Mage Robes.



Oakflesh, Ironflesh, Ebonyflesh, Dragonhide.
Any Spell summoning a companion (i.e, Dead Thrall, Conjure Flame Atronach.)
Any Healing Restoration, no sun damage.
No Destruction or Illusion.


The Longhammer is you're main revenge seeker, mainly coming from your experience with it's previous owner.

Wuuthrad represents your acceptance of the life that was taken from you, and the life you now live.


Archmages Robes are the antithesis to the Atronach Stone, giving a huge increase in magicka Regen. It shows you have become the leader of a group that shares your views.

Adept Hood is one of the view interchangeable items, as many other hoods increase magicka.

Amulet of Akatosh or Necromancer Amulet as aesthetic or powerful magicka booster.

Gloves of the Pugilist are from a time you needed to fight to survive. They act as a reminder to never return to that life.


Lydia, Any of the Companions, Any Housecarl Followers dont quite matter, but can be taken.


Ah. The life of a Breton in their home. The companionship, love, and good life on the town of Jehenna.
Once upon a time, that was all true. Then, in 3E 999, your life was changed forever. The evil wizard, Jagar Than, got hold of the all-powerful Staff of Chaos. He took down the Empire in High Rock, casting spells with reckless abandon. At the time, you were a Nord warrior, fighting in the War of Succession for territory in Western Skyrim. All of a sudden, a man you knew only as the Champion, burst into the battlefield, taking out warriors on every side. A rogue spell hit you, and all you knew was darkness.

It started to come back to you, all of a sudden. A woman, whom you later learn is anything but, is standing above you. You don't who they are, and have a vague idea of your own name. You panic, push the women away, and run. You don't realize it but the women was holding a glowing sword. As you rush away, the door to the crypt closes, and you slip out. You run away, steal a horse, and are captured on the northern border of Skyrim.

As you are loaded onto the carriage, you see a Nord, dressed in woodland garb, being hung. All of a sudden, it came back to you. Your life, your past, it all came back. You remembered a painting you once saw, of the goddess Meridia, and a shining sword. You realized you were risen from the dead by the god of life and death. You think of this and what you should do with this second chance as you approach the city of Helgen. Right before you're killed, a dragon attacks and you escape.

As you rest, you realize that you must take the future of the land in your own hands. You take a trip to the South East, visit Falkreath, and setup a base of operations to stop the spread of Imperial growth and get the Nords the justice they deserve.


The Blubbering War Mage is a close range Restoration/Two-Handed Paladin. Rather then using Heavy Armor as a backstop, the BWM uses flesh protection spells so she can properly wield her weapons in the glory of Meridia.

After completing the quest The Break of Dawn by clearing Meridia's temple of undead and Malkoran, you are given blessing to use Conjuration spells to not only bring the dead back, but summon Atronachs from Oblivion to fight in her name. These actions and more spread Meridia's word, hopefully creating a temple in her name. This action should be the first thing you do. Obtaining Lakeview Manor and creating a shrine to her is very important.

The use of spells, while a very important part of this build, should stay as a tool. The main damage dealer of the build is the Two-Handed weapons. Warhammer and Battle-axe bashing is the focus. You cast a flesh spell, charge in, and kill all those who would cause harm.

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