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The Dark Shaman 67 #472608

Young mother to her chieftain son, she was a wise woman to her Stronghold and guided her people to great fortune. Her young age gave her strength and she was able to fight in battles without growing weak. Her brave heart and strong soul kept her alive, and she was every orc's favorite. She cared for her son and grandchildren, each of them looking to her for guidance and teachings.
Although strong, the Stronghold had a great enemy that proved itself a challenge to defeat. A pack of werewolves showed no mercy to the orcs one horrifying night, and the warriors were slaughtered, the children torn to pieces and eaten. The wise woman fought and did everything in her power to protect her family, but their numbers decreased and soon she was the last one alive.
Knowing she could not defeat the werewolves, the wise woman fled through the woods, running without ever stopping until the sun rose from behind the majestic mountains. The wise woman's loss drove her to grief, and her heart hardened. Never again would she feel so much grief. Never again would she lose another loved one.
The wise woman's grief drove her to necromancy and she made deals with the Daedra. She practiced resurrecting the undead, and soon gained the power to summon atronachs. Now a dark shaman, her practices led her to Skyrim, where she would gain great power and defeat her foes within seconds, feeling no remorse and showing no mercy.

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