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The Headsman 40 #472710

The Headsman

Race: Nord or Orc
Gender: Male
Occupation: Serial Killer
Class: Brute Knight




-Execution Hood (Fortify Illusion)
-Ebony Armor (Fortify Illusion)
-Ebony Gauntlets (Fortify Heavy Armor)
-Ebony Boots (Fortify Two-Handed)

Extra Apparel:
-Silver Ring (Fortify Health Regen)
-Silver Necklace (Fortify Health)

-Ebony Battleaxe (Fear)
-Ebony Battleaxe



-Bend Will
-Elemental Fury
-Frost Breath
-Marked for Death
-Slow Time


-Secret of Strength
-Mora's Grasp
-Battle Cry

Active Effects:
-Seeker of Sorcery
-Dragonborn Frost
-Ancient Knowledge

Standing Stone:
Warrior Stone => Lord Stone => Ritual Stone


Mass Extermination

Requires: Mora's Grasp, Slow Time, Secret of Strength
Situation: When in large groups with a powerful boss, this combination can make quick work of the goons while their leader stands helpless. Slow Time allows you to extend the length of your powers, and rain endless power attacks on the sluggish minions.

Darkness Rising

Requires: Mass Extermination, Ritual Stone
Process: After committing justice on your enemies, raise them against their leader in waves. As he finally recovers, he will only see the corpses of his servants, but they have a new master.


Requires: Elemental Fury, Secret of Strength
Process: Charge into combat, creating a whirlwind with your battleaxe. Relentlessly power attack your enemies at a rapid speed, decimating their hopes, and skulls.



You were once a criminal, desperately trying to escape the mounting tension in Skyrim. However, after you were stopped at the border and nearly executed by the Imperials, it became obvious there was no way out. Thankfully a dragon attacked, and a Stormcloak soldier helped you survive, noting your skill with a battleaxe. He suggested joining the Sons of Skyrim, so perhaps they can have an executioner for themselves. But while the rebels appreciated your abilities, your aggressiveness was less than welcomed. Finally you left them, and your mind began to turn toward darker thoughts. Seeing everyone as a criminal deserving your ax, you sought blood from anyone. A true serial killer, you donned the hood of one cursed for the headsman's block to intimidate foes, and grabbed a black battleaxe, ready to gather some heads.




This build is all about quickly taking down lesser opponents, then raising the dead with the Ritual Stone. Your goal is to take out bandit or Forsworn camps, or pretty much anyone who pisses you off. Intimidate anyone who doesn't agree with you, and use Fear to scatter opponents when overwhelmed.

Similar builds

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