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IceHeart Paladin 76 #472871

The IceHeart paladin is a nord man from winterhold. When he was young he was attacked by an ice wraith and mortally wounded. he was saved by a priest of Arkay and taken back to the temple. After some time recovering, the paladin discovered that the wraith's ice had fused into his body and given him an innate frost ability. The priest noticed the paladins inherit ability and supported him. After a few years of serving at the temple the paladin received a vision from arkay, a vision of him standing on a mound of scattered undead. A vision of him in shining armor weilding a mighty shield and a sword that seemed to eminate frost.

The IceHeart paladin wears a full set of dragonbone/ steel plate (if you can find it) and wields the shield spellbreaker and a stalhrim sword enchanted with chaos damage and frost damage
his armor is fully enchanted with fortify one handed, resist magic and fortify destruction (to cast frost cloak)

we dont need to put anything into magika because the fortify destruction should be enough to cast cloak at will

Honestly i only chose Male for the backstory you can be Female if you want

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