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Dovah Storm 70 #473057

Back story to this character I think can be left up to the user. As I have my own back story and what he can and can't do as far as quests and decisions and stuff. My character is pretty much floating on a grey Jedi type attitude who will kill any Thalmor in sight lol, but this build is very flexible and very fun when you get used to it.

So this is the build I'm running right now a mixture of shield mage/spell sword . I chose a Breton because of the already passive 25% resistance to magic(and my favorite race lol). The point of this build is to walk into a room and cast Paralysis rune with a shield then Unbounded Storm or dual cast Unbounded Storms, hitting as many foes as possible. When Magicka depletes, that's when I sword and board until I regain Magicka. That will happen with atronach perk in alteration quite a bit. Plus with all 3 perks in magic resistance, I now 30% high magic resistance as well.

The Armor I'm currently wearing for this build:

Amulet of Talos (resto glitch or mods for 100%)
Imperial Helmet: Legendary with Magicka Regen at 62%
Solitude Armor: Legendary with 25% less casting for Alteration and destruction.
Daedric Boots: Legendary Unenchanted (undecided)
Daedric Gauntlets: Legendary Unenchanted (undecided)
Solitude Shield: Legendary (Quest Reward)
Nordic Sword/Ebony Mace: Legendary With Chaos enchantment and Fiery Soul Trap
Diamond Ring: Alteration and Destruction cost 25% less to cast.

The Dovah Storm Build:

Shouts Utilized: Unrelenting force, Dragon Aspect, Lightning Storm, Dragonrend, Become Ethereal for when things get out of hand, and any you see fit.

Spells Utilized: Sparks, lightning bolt Chain Lightning, Unbounded Storms, Mara's Wrath, Paralysis Rune, and sometimes Candlelight and Telekinesis

Major Skills:
Block, Destruction, Alteration

Minor Skills:
Smithing, Enchanting, One Handed, Heavy/Light Armor, Speech

Point Spread = 2Magicka - 2Health - 1 Stamina

By Lvl 70 Your Skill Tree Should look like this:


Destruction: Novice - Expert(or master if you wish) - Dual Casting - Augmented Shock(2) -Disintegrate - Rune Master

Block: All perks except Quick Reflexes

Alteration: All perks except dual casting and mage armor


Enchanting: All Perks except Soul Squeezer and Soul Siphon

Smithing: All Perks

One Handed: Armsman (5) - Fighting Stance - Savage Strike

Soeech: Haggling (1) - Allure - Merchant- Investment

Heavy/Light Armor: However you see fit

Now, you can have a choice of any armor or mixture of heavy and light if you want, since you'll be at 100 smithing, armor cap can be easily accomplished multiple ways.

You should usually start out at expert difficulty straight out of Helgen, and just adventure, pay skill trainers, take bounties or minor quests until you're about lvl 40 to start fully utilizing this build for the big major and fun quests since you need quite a few skills at 100.

The Break of Dawn
In My Time Of Need
The Only Cure
The Lost Library
Companions Quest line
Dragonborn DLC
Black Book: The Winds of Change
Final Descent
Dawnguard DLC
The Man Who Cried Wolf
The Wolf Queen Awakened
Azuras Star
Destroy The Dark Brotherhood
Mages College Quest line
Main Quest line
The Book of Love
Civil War(either side, I went imperial)

Also I recommend playing on survival mode, as it adds an extra difficulty to this build because it does become somewhat OP.

Needed Food:

Veggie Soup: Tomatoes, Leeks, Potatoes, Cabbage

This add a 1 point health and stamina regeneration for 12 minutes (380 points of hunger in Survival). This lets you shield bash endlessly, frustrating your opponents

Elsweyr Fondue: Ale, Moon Sugar, Eidar Cheese Wheel

This adds 25% Magicka regeneration for 12 minutes as well as 100points of increased Magicka for 12 minutes. (380 points of hunger in Survival).

The Combo of your shield and shield tree perks along with veggie soup and elsweyr fondue will be a killer offensive defense.

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