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The SpellBlade Knight 51 #473180

As a young lad this orc lived in a stronghold and had a knack for crafting weapons and armor and as such was assigned to be the clan Smith. And as such tested all his weapons and armor and developed a knowledge for wielding such items. When he was a little older he was permitted to accompany the raiding party on a trip to deal with a local troublesome giant. He crafted a set of Steel armor and a waraxe and shield, during the raid most of his kin were swept away by the giant's club, but seeing a gap in its defenses he cut the club wielding hand from the giant and quickly finished it off, after this he set off from his stronghold for fame and fortune

This proud orcish warrior is truly strong in mind and in body.

he wields a beautifully crafted dragonbone waraxe and the shield spellbreaker, and a fully enchanted set of daedric armor.

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