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Forgotten Daedric Prince 52 #473409

Name - Belgaron (Before he became Orc his name was Baloren)
Race - Orc (He used to be High Elf, backstory explains)
Gender - Male (you can use female, but I'm using male)

Spells - Fire spells to destroy everything, Healing spells to heal yourself
Weapons - Orcish Swords/Daggers Enchant!
Armor - Orcish Armor Enchant!
Ring and Necklace - Enchant!
What he's like - Belgaron is honourable, selfiss, betraying, Daedra Lord


You'll join Imperials
He joins Dark Brotherhood
You can if you wan't join the Companions (but take the cure)
You can if you wan't join the College of Winterhold
You will join Dawnguard, because Harkon is threat and needs to be destroyd and he got his powers from Molag Bal, and you prove him that you're stronger then Harkon
You will kill Miraak
Became the Champion of all Daedra Lords
Collect all Daedric Artifacts


During the exodus of the Chimer in the Merethinc Era Daedric Prince Boethiah confronted Trinimac the Champion of the High Elven pantheon. Boethiah won the battle and transformed Trinimac into Daedric Prince Malacath, as a result of that all Trinimac's followers were also changed into now known Orsimer (Orcs). Trinimac had champion no one knew about, he was High Elf called Baloren. Baloren worshipped Trinimaca and many other Aedra too, but he secretly also worshipped Daedra Lords, like Boethiah. Baloren always looked out for himself and didn't care about anyone else except himself. Tirinimac trusted Baloren, but Baloren betrayed Tirinimac and told Boethiah Tirinimac's weakness. Boethiah promised Baloren that he would protect him from any danger, but he betrayed him, because Baloren gave him false information that almost cost Boethiah his life. Boethiah wasn't able to kill Trinimac but he transformed him into Daedric Prince Malacath. After that he fought against Baloren, Baloren was no match for him and lost right away, as punishment for giving false information he turned him into Orc like all Trinimac's followers. Baloren was angry, he promised that he would get his revenge some day. He started to worship every Daedra and Aedra there is, but he betrayed all of them and started calling himself Belgaron The Daedric Lord. He hunted Daedric Princes and Daedra worshippers and collected their souls and Daedra Hearts. Belgaron took his heart out and changed it to Daedra Heart and he combined all those Daedra souls into his soul. After all that he just started hunting Daedra Lords, but he didn't have the time because Boethiah found about what Belgaron was up to and told Malacath ablut Baloren's betrayal. Malacath got angry and trapped Belgaron in Ashpit, where they fought for years. The match ended Malacath trapping Belgaron in the deepest and most secure prison that he made just for Belgaron, he didn't tell anyone about it. He told everyone that he killed Belgaron. After that Daedra Lords work together to clean everything that would tell about Belgaron. There was only one book that mentioned the most brutal Daedric Prince, who stole the souls of other Daedras. That Daedra became to known as The Forgotten Daedric Prince , but no one knew about him more then that except the Daedra Lords. Belgaron was in Malacath's prison being tortured for hundreds of years, but when Alduin apparead in the fourth era, Malacath left the Ashpit to speak with other Daedra Lords. While he was gone Belgaron was able to escape Ashpit to Tamriel, more specific to Skyrim. He was very weak, the portal from Ashpit to Nirn required that much power. He ran into Imperial soldiers without any power and was captured and taken to Helgen. Later he learns about his new powers of the Dragon Tongue. Now everything is up to you. Sorry for my bad English. Please Comment what you think and what could be better.

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