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WhirlWind Knight 32 #474109

The whirlwind knight is a Breton Born into a noble house in high rock. As the 3rd son he was never going to inherit the families wealth and power so he instead took up the blade training under an Alik'r master swordsman. From his mentor he learnt the arts of dual wielding and from his families captain of the guard how to move freely in heavy armor. Shortly before he had planned to set off his house was targeted by thieves for a heist, Luckily The Whirlwind knight heard rumors of this before it happened and warned the captain of the guard who set up an ambush for the thieves. When the thieves came into his home the whirlwind knight and 4 guards ambushed and cut down the thieves, well the whirlwind knight actually did the work to the surprise of the captain, The whirlwind knight flew into combat spinning his blades cutting down 3 of the thieves straight off, and soon would cut down 5 more. Ever since then The whirlwind knight has sought out the scum of nirn and has been destroying thieves for a long time...

The whirlwind knight wears a full set of smithed and enchanted ebony armor and wields 2 smithed up and enchanted ebony swords..

Health 60/40 Stamina

This build was my attempt at making a character a beast at as low a level as i could and i think he came out wonderfully.

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