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The Valkyrie 47 #474125

The Valkyrie grew up in the imperial city the daughter of two wealthy nord merchants.She spent much of her time roaming the streets mostly in the arena district.She would watch the fights and fantasize becoming the arena champion. She would stick fight with her friend a young imperial boy who was basically a brother to her And the parents had been planning to marry them for sometime but when they told the Valkyrie on her 17th birthday she left and headed north.She joined a caravan in hopes of seeing the world and learned to use a sword and shield in her travels.She eventually left the caravan and headed to skyrim and she was caught at the border and taken to helgen.

Race: nord

Class: Warrior

Stone: the lord stone

Gear: ancient nord helm,saviors hide,shield of ysgramor,sky forge steel sword,necklace of nullification if you find one,plus boots and gauntlets of your choice

Factions: Stormcloacks,companions,dawngaurd

Powers:agent of mara

Playstyle: shield charge and power bash everything your shield is your new best friend,you can use stealth to get close enough to charge and attack with your sword when you run out of stamina.You will get one point in health for every two points in stamina so have plenty to use.

Quick note:with this build you will have a 85 percent magic resistance so mages will do almost nothing to you and melee attackers you can step out of the way of their power attacks and just charge them, it might just be me but it was usually archers who gave me the most trouble.

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