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Talos 79 #474481

The man who would become the god Talos was born in the eight hundred and twenty-eighth year of the second era to the god Akatosh and an unknown mother in Atmora or Skyrim his origins are now largely unknown even to his most faithful of followers the Stormcloaks. Talos would go on to create the third empire in the eight hundred ninety-sixth year of the second era was crowned emperor of Tameriel and his descendants would rule for the next four hundred and thirty-three years, most thought with the death of Martin Septim the Septim bloodline died out what some don't know is before he became a priest, during his wild teenage years Martin had a child with a woman though unknown to both at the time. This child would go on to recreate the Septim bloodline though he was unaware of his bloodline for the next few generations. Up in the heavens Talos now sits among the divines taking Shors place on the council of gods and often seen at either his fathers side or the side of Kynareth, now Talos has been sent back to realm of man to him it is unknown but Akatosh has sent his son to bring peace and balance to the empire he started within his own blood.

Talos will return to Skyrim and be caught up in the skirmish between the Stormcloaks and the Imperials whether he joins the empire or the rebels is up to you though it would probably make more sense for him to join the Stormcloaks though him being an imperial isn't to far fetched either though I doubt he would agree with racism against the other races. Talos can join the companions and either keep the lycanthropy or can cure it, he can also join the volkihar vampires for the vampire powers or the dawnguard and still receive the vampire from Serana. whether you keep either daedric gift is up to you and whatever your Talos head cannon is use it if you choose to play as Talos this is just my interpretation of Talos. If you wish to have a spouse try to pretend your in a relationship with Serana or marry Aela. Factions are open to you whatever factions you believe Talos would join I recommend the college of winterhold to learn shock magic you don't have to do the whole quest just use it to buy spells. you'll want to follow the main quest and get as much shouts as possible and get the call storm and clear skies shouts since Talos was known for his shouts. follow the dragonborn DLC.

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