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Blue Crystel 30 #475112

-any (dunmer recommended)
470H, 230M, 180S
-destruction robe or cloth ( up to master robe )
-staff of sparks, staff of lightining bolts, staff of chain lightining, staff of thunderbolts, staff of storm wall
-dagger (offhand)
-frostbite (destruction)
-lightining rune (destruction)
-lightining cloak or Whirlwind cloak (destruction)
-Healing (restoration)
-fast heal (restoration)
-candlelight (alteration)
-equilibrium (alteration
-magelight (alteration)
-detect life (alteration)
-keybinds are 1.magelight 2.frosbite 3.lightining cloak 4.lightining rune 5.detect life 6.equilibrium heal
-dismay (flee)
-disarm (immobilize)
-ice form (stun)
-become ethereal (shield)
- none
-fortify destruction necklace up to %25
-fortify destruction ring up to %25
-any (if dunmer selected)
-winterhold collage, companions, blades
any melee (from companions or blades)
-magic related books, bowl, tankard, soul gems, flute, torch(5),
this is a shock (arcane) based dps mage, either able to use questing and role playing
dunmers primarly suits for this role due to their high destruction ability, other races will be altmer, redguard
this character placed in skyrim as a normal humanoid creature, its stats adjusted to humanoid encounters normaly, dragons and bosses like enemies requires to challenge to defeat them.
novice to master destruction robes suits for this char, no need to use armor. also able to wear clothes with enchanted neck and ring with it, mana still enough to cast spells, but robes will be better choice
destruction staves are key point for this char, because all dps output related to staff, 180 stamina reserved for dagger usage
use staff for damage, spells on left hand and shouts are useful tools for surviving, use them when available
spells are important part of this char, its divided to two section, 1. staff based dps spells. 2. spells that casting by hand
Basicaly, while staff is held by right hand which means dps output like using staff of sparks, staff of thunderbolt spells, other spells like frosbite, lightining rune like spells are able to cast by left hand, because there is no staves for like runes or cloaks, this is why staff is important to use
you can cast all spells by hand but mana will not be enough to cast second any spell in a row, therefore staff take over the dps spells so it saves your mana and gives comfort for usage
summary staff on right hand, spells are mentioned above on left hand
available staves are :
staff of sparks
staff of lightining bolts
staff of chain lightining
staff of thunder bolts
staff of the storm wall
begin with staff of sparks replace it with when obtaining last dps staff named staff of the wall storm or you can continue to use any one of these staves you desire
also you can use other fire or frost staves like same system too,but this is a arcane mage who uses shock damage.
but if you desired to use those staves than shock, other spells mentioned above casting by hand need to be change like this
example 1:
if fire staves selected , according to this left hand (offhand) spells will be :
fire rune
fire cloak or whirlwind cloak
but imo there is no need to use all dps output when one is enough to use, otherwise it will be complicated
use them for rooting, snaring and cast self shield for surviving
robes itselves are enchanted already but you can use enchant what you desire
due to robes limitation you can wear neck, ring usually total %50 less cast and 50 mana addition from master hood looks enough to fill mana pool
its for making mana or other fortify like potions
dunmers are can freely choice any side, altmers and redguards will be choice imperial side
due to squishy mages structure, they need a melee class front of them for holding agro this is why companions mentioned above
its optional but gems will be require for charcing staff rarely
in the alteration perks specially magic resist selected, aim is doing magic damage but taking less damage from magic, because casters vulnarable to physical damage but they re resist to magic damage due to their natural structure
destruction skill perks skiped due to staff usage
alteration, restoration takes roles as co-op
you can swap speech with alchemy, if you dont like pots you can buy it (speech hagg, allure, bribe, persuasion)
lockpick standart for entering houses

please share if you have any other things to adding or subtracting

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