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Princess Of Bones 75 #475121

The Princess of Bones is primarily a hybrid class, specializing in Conjuration and One-handed fighting. The average fight will start by conjuring an Atronach of your choice, letting them take blows while you pepper from afar with ice spells. When someone/thing falls, rush in and resurrect them with your strongest Raise Undead spell, and take the fight to melee with a one-handed weapon, preferably a sword. Always let your thralls go first in a fight, as you won't wear much armor; gauntlets and boots only.

Health/Stamina/Magica split will be 30/10/60 until level 20, at which point you will change your spread to 30/30/40.

Your race will be Imperial or Breton, depending on whether you want to play more Diplomatic Sorceress or Magical Prodigy at the start. Ideally, you will be female, but nothing about the build denies a male. Just exchange pronouns accordingly.

You'll choose the Mage stone to start, but eventually switch to the Ritual stone (lvl25+ ideally), allowing you to bring forth an army of bodies when you most need it.

Your alignment is more or less up to you; follow the path of a noble girl trying to prove that she is not weak, that her magic is nothing to scoff at, and that she is just as fit to rule as her brothers.

The princess was born into the royal family, and early on discovered she had a gift for magic. But unlike her brothers, who excelled at the standards of arcane through Destruction and Alteration, her power appeared to lay down the forbidden path of Necromancy. Having to keep her secret talents safe meant many nights spent sneaking into the family crypt and testing her talents on the rats and long-dead. By the time she was thirteen, her powers had grown enough to require more substantial testing, and more dangerous nightly escapes.

Though she was raised around the finest courtly manners and etiquette, the princess found she disliked the noble life, and longed for adventure. By the time she was of age, she was known as an ethereal beauty, and many men had come to seek her hand.

When her father was visited by a Thalmor agent, demanding the fealty and subservience of their kingdom to the Aldmeri Dominion, the princess expected her father to resist. Instead, he willingly gave up his crown and gave the kingdom over to the Thalmor without so much as a defiant demand for reason. Understandably, the princess and her brothers were outraged, but she decided to keep her anger in check... Which could not be said for the eldest of her brothers. His vocalized outrage was met with a fireball to the face, and horrified silence throughout the rest of the court.

Within hours, the former royal family was being forcibly escorted from the palace. The Princess took great care to hide her tomes and curiosities from the high elves, and managed to arrange for her brother's body to be brought with them, 'to be buried when we reach our new home' she had insisted. In truth, she planned her most ambitious defiance of all; she would resurrect her brother, and take revenge on their high elven overlords.

For days, the former royal family was pushed on, until they reached the coast, where the high elves had prepared a ship to take them... to somewhere else. The elves refused to tell the family where they were going, and it soon became clear why. Their destination was a prison in the Summerset Isles. The princess was forced to enact her plan ahead of schedule, with incomplete preparations. She hoped for the best.

She brought her brother's body to life, though it left her drained and the spell could not bring him fully back, and with the help of their siblings, led a mutiny on the ship. They ran aground on the western coast of Hammerfell, and together, they began to trek back home.

Along the way, her brothers succumbed, one by one, to the deadly desert, until the princess was the last alive. She was found and escorted to the nearest settlement by Redguard hunters, and though she kept her royal birth a secret, her plight did not fall on deaf ears; the resistance in Hammerfell was alive and well, and they agreed to help her fight back. She traveled with a band of mercenaries north-east, to Skyrim, where she had family in a distant tie to their High king. She hoped against hope that she might call upon him for help.

Reaching the country, she split from her companions, and set out alone... But on the way, she fell into an ambush, and was mistakenly arrested and brought to Helgen. After she escapes, she must now decide how to survive, how to have her revenge, and eventually, how to reclaim her throne.

The Princess of Bones will now seek to right the turmoil of Skyrim. Whether she does this as a righteous guardian of the people, or a driven self-serving battlemage, it is up to you. She will side with the Stormcloaks in the civil war, although her dislike for Ulfric will be prevalent. She will join the Mages College to build her magical arsenal, and side with the Dawnguard long enough to become a Vampire (to enhance her natural necromancy and give her better survivability), but not finish that questline unless you are playing a more evil-inclined character. She won't care for the Thieves guild, as her talents are not suited to it, nor the Dark Brotherhood, as she grew up with them whispered about and understands they are a vital, if macabre, part of life in the noble world. Whether she pursues the Dragonborn power is up to you; she can use it as a stepping stone for reclaiming her home, or a means of proving her power, or care nothing for it but what she must.

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