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The Thane 81 #475280

You are a nord and a powerful spellsword you are rightous at heart and will do anything to help protect skyrim and its people from all threats including joining the stormcloaks in the civial war and siding with the dawngaurd in Ithe dlc i maxed all skills to level 100 in order to get level 81 for the build but only invested perks into certain skills you use the stormcloak curaiss as well as other light gauntlets and boots of your choosing i prefer the elvish and also a circlet of your choice instead of a helm because you prefer to stand out from the crowd and the circlet is your symbol of your authority in the nine holds.

Bound sword
Bound bow

Armor/ enchantments
Circlet- fortify aleration and conjuration
Boots- increase resistance to frost and shock
Gloves- fortify archery and one handed
Necklace- fortify restoration and increase fire resistance
Ring- forrify archery and one handed

You can use the fortify resto loop if you wish to max out the enchantments for spell costs making spells cost you nothing if not i suggest 60% health 30% magicka and 10% stamina

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