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The Grey Fox 56 #475602

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This is my new build same thing say some things I need to improve on

By Mountandblade10 on Apr 18, 2018
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I do have two things to say.

1. You should do your best to proof-read your builds. It goes a long way to just read back to yourself your build description to check for spelling, grammar errors, or what have you.

2. you did choose some... "unorthodox" choices for your perks. For instance, most of the lockpicking perks are butt-clenchingly useless. One other thing, if you are playing with the Skyrim Unofficial Patch, as you should be, Black Gaurd's Armor can be upgraded with advanced armors perk. Also as your build is missing the Black guard's Cowl, we aren't wearing a full set here. In sneak, the final perk, Shadow Warrior, is op because you can sneak in the middle of combat, and if you are fast enough, you can get a mid-combat sneak attack, doesn't always work, but it does happen enough, so grab the Assassin's Blade perk. Lastly, once you are done leveling your charecter, switch off from the thief stone, onto the Atronach stone, In words of FudgeMuppet "That shit's off chops".

By MasterPenguin on Apr 21, 2018
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