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The Orc Shaman 101 #475702

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hey, I'm glad you liked fa'zahr, I've checked your builds and seems you love shamans a lot, your orc shaman has the basic requirements for shamanism but I 'd prefer your dark shaman which is more stable and plainly. About your backstory, it has typical events for usual orc life already, you just need to one more step up, give the soul to her like you, because our chars we created goin to live in skyrim anyway, there are good backstory writers better then me in this site you can check them, because I m lazy person who cant write long stories actually.
yours affectionately..

By clawshaper on Apr 20, 2018
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Thank you for the feedback! I will definitely work on it some more. And you are right about the backstory. It is a very typical Orc life. I, personally, have always struggled coming up with a backstory that I liked. Once again, thank you for your help!

By icemaster310 on Apr 20, 2018
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By the way, I named my Orc Shaman Ugra Bloodtusk (Ugra is pronounced "Ooo-gruh".

By icemaster310 on Apr 19, 2018
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I have been greatly enjoying this build and decided to share it with others. I worked really hard to piece everything together and choose the perks, spells, dragon shouts, weapons, staves, and armor pieces to make it easier for you guys. Please know that if you have Dawnguard installed, you can join either factions. It really does not matter when you are roleplaying, it just depends on how good or how bad you are. Personally, I joined the Dawnguard because I have always joined the Volkihar Clan and wanted to give the good guys a try. I enjoy both sides, and love both sides. Have fun! emoticon

By icemaster310 on Apr 19, 2018
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