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Blood Rider 42 #475787

Race: Dunmer [dark elf]
Gender: Female
Name: player's choice
Stats: Magicka=2. Health=2. Stamina=2
Armor/Clothes: Full set of Daedric Armor without Helmet and Shield. Enchant with fortify one handed
Weapons: Daedric Sword or other perfered one handed weapon
Spells: Fire magic, Conjuer Dremora Lord, Frenzy and Fear Spells
Shouts: Marked For Death, Disarm, Elemental Fury
Powers: [optional]
Other: Shadowmere is a must. Alchemy is optional along with smithing
Factions/Quests: Main quest untill you get the elder scroll or complete it. Dark Brotherhood until you get Shadowmere or complete it. Civil War optional. College of Winterhold. Volkihar Clan.
At the end of the first era a young girl from the dunmer was born and was beautiful in her own right of her little village. She wanted to be an adventurer, see the world and experience everything new. She lived through the second era with peace on her mind, for a time. During the war against Molag Bal, she was then captured by a certain group of witches...vampires...Vampire Witches...that sacrificed her as an ultimate warrior to the daedric prince of domination. She was given the power, the armor, but not the horse needed to be the one to truly intimidate all who opposed. She followed the champion of tamriel to see him complete the staff of chaos, spies on the hero of daggerfall in his quest to access numidium, even heads back to morrowind to see that there is an outlander become the savior of vvardenfell, goes to cyrodil to follow the hero of kavatch from the shadows. Now with Skyrim in civil war this is her opportunity to search for shadowmere that she has heard through her travels...but she got into acomfrotation with a vigalant of stendarr who took her power with a very powerful cure potion and destroyed her armor then passed out. later she woke up on a cart...that was in skyrim...with her armor gone along with her powers. She now starts from sctrach.

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