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Ares: The God Of War 137 #476188

Ares the son of Zeus and Hera and the prince of the Olympian gods also known as Raging Ares or Ares Anchotikí is banished from Olympus to the land of Skyrim on Nirn by his grandfather Kronos the Titan lord and so until he can return he plans to carve a bloody mark onto nirn through war and blood.

Ares is the god of War so he'll enlist into the civil war as soon as he gets one of the soldiers, he'll also do the main story for more power, along with Dragonborn you can choose any faction you think befits the god of war.

Being the god of war Ares has knowledge of how to use every weapon known to human kind.

Ares will have a small knowledge of magic for summoning troops from the planes of Oblivion, or long dead soldiers he may also learn to wield flames as well as lightning.

Ares can also have the ability to enchant weapons to make them even more deadly in combat.

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