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Horsemen Of Death 96 #476193

Death also known as Thanatos is the first horsemen of the apocalypse sent to Nirn to prepare for the coming of Sithis by first stopping Alduin he will join the dark brotherhood, the Volkihar vampires and cause as much trouble as possible in the name of his dread father, this build will join whatever side of the civil war that he deems useful to the dread father Sithis.

Death may join any other faction that will make his job easier, he will also do the main story line to stop Alduin, he will do Dragonborn to claim the soul of Miraak for the void.

Thanatos was born the son of Sithis and the Night Mother he was given power over life and death allowing him to summon beings from oblivion and the underworld itself where he rides he raises the dead to follow him.

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