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Horsemen Of Death 96 #476193

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You focused on light armor. What types of armor/clothes did you find best?
Im not sure how to get those gothic leggings, its like unholy kingdom hearts
Seems like a mix of daedric and dragonbone armor would come closest to the look in your avatar, but that involves heavy armor.
Which mask do you think comes closest to a skull face?

My recs (really just ideas i had as i read it)
Use sneak perks and invisibility to sneak into a room and appear with a fierce fear or chaos spell, before unleashing a pair of summons to tear apart your prey.
Executioners axe enchanted with soul steal and fire damage
Bound battleaxe and a whirlwind staff, maybe several staffs
There?s a flaming helmet somewhere begging for this character...
The mod for capes and a cloak of bats
Inspired mod idea: flame cloak just for the head
Also i would recommend the dark brotherhood quest early in the game so you can get your horse

I really wanna try this with my level 95 to go after all the priest masks

By JollyRott3n on Jul 27, 2019
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I chose light armor mostly because this player is meant to play as an assassin and a necromancer but mostly its also a story for four of the five children of sithis and the night mother there are also weapon mods that add scythes in terms of a mask I think any of the dragonborn DLC masks would work they are the closest to resembling skulls you don't really need to look like the picture just seem like a specter of death I chose that picture because I like the darksiders series.

By ShadowReaper98 on Jul 28, 2019
#7667 Reply