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Shadeflower 44 #476226


-bosmer, khajit, redguard
510H, 100M, 230S
-bows, crossbows (steel, elven, dwarven quality)
-light armor (up to elven)
-thief, lady
-animal allegiance (as reunion)
-kyne's peace (as pacify creatures)
-ice form (as hunter trap or stun)
-aura whisper (as hunter sense)
-head fortify archery
-neck resist disase
-chest fortify armor
-hands fortify alchemy
-finger fortify healing rate
-feet fortify stamina
-companions, bards, dawnguard
-not needed (except dog from marcath)
-cow hide, torches, drum
this is a hunter character with companion dog , strongly recommended buy dog from marcath or tame the stray dog
main concept is avoid getting harm from nature and give damage from nature as a part of forest creature
>Play style
just avoid melee fights, use shouts when necessary, this is not a thief character so avoid thieving around
important thing is ice form shout, it stuns enemy and gives you chance to hit target more accuracy or runaway from area

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