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Ares: The God Of War 109 #476436

Also known as Ares Anchotikí or Raging Ares or Ares Aimatirós or Bloody Ares, Ares is the god of war bloodshed, battle lust, and manliness the son of Zeus and Hera, brother of Hephaestus and many other gods and demigods, it was said that being in his very presence caused people to feel unbelievable rage, it was also said he could manipulate fire as well as electricity. it was said the god of war would over through his father and become the new king of Olympus as Zeus had done his father.

This as you expect caused a rift between him and his parents, Ares being the god of war will join the civil war I leave it up to you which side, he'll train in magic mainly so he can make his weapons even stronger or manipulate soldiers into fighting for him or even to use his blood from Zeus to fry his enemies to a crisp.

Ares may also complete the main quest to prove himself stronger than the world eater, he main complete dragonborn to prove himself stronger than Miraak as the strongest Dragonborn.

If you can find a reason for it you may also do Dawnguard on either side.

you want to use magic to simulate Ares god powers such as fire and lightning manipulation, emotion manipulation and to make his weapons even stronger, you'll want to use conjuration to summon armies of soldiers from oblivion and the dead.

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