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Ares: The God Of War 66 #476449

Ares also known as Ares Aim atirós or Ares the bloody, or Ares Anchotikí or Ares the Raging. It was said Ares would over throw his father Zeus and become a new king of the Greek deities.

Ares is the god of war so he can induce rage in his enemies or convince people to fight for him, he can also manipulate fire and electricity.

Ares will also learn to enchant his weaponry so as to make his weapons and armor more powerful and make him an even greater fighter he'll learn conjuration to summon an army whenever he wants.

Being the god of war Ares will go through the civil war it doesn't matter which side.

He'll join the college just to learn the necessary spells, and enchantments.

He'll follow the main story, and dragonborn.

join anything you think the god of war would give his time to.

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