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Blood Paladin 55 #476688

This build is based on 2 Fudgemuppet builds, the Blood Knight and the Vampire Temptress, I liked the healing mechanic of the Temptress and the brute strength of the Blood Knight and decided to mix the two... Have been playing it on the Nintendo Switch.

I used a Dunmer for this as they make really good looking un-modded vampires, though any race would work as well.

Taking advantage of 3 follower trainers from the Companions, which means: Yes you have to be a Werewolf for a short time... Until the first possible moment to cure it to get this benefit... However this is purely optional, I used it to expedite my progress.

Using the Bloodskal Blade, while perhaps sub-par for end game weapons really fits the aesthetic along with Ebony armor and an apprentices hood... or whatever headpiece you use.

Still working out the build myself so this is certainly a work in progress and I haven't yet got to enchanting my gear, due to not having Necromage just yet.

Despite using healing, close wounds exclusively... there isn't any magica investment, instead it's 60/40 Health and Stamina, though feel free to tweak this, healing is only really used as a last resort but you can use other restoration spells such as heal other and so on but I don't feel the need since my character uses Jenassa as a follower whom he is married with. Necro mage boosts the effects of healing and enchantments as well as the Atronach Stone providing protection from magic and in so doing keeping our magika pool topped off in tough fights.

Physical fights are dealt with using max crafted armor and brute force.

The main issue I run into with this build is a lack of ranged damage, outside of using the Bloodskal blade's energy wave but acquiring Dragonrend should help with those pesky dragons, it's also why I chose the follower I did as she is no slouch with a bow... she also dual wields which I though was neat.

Any comments and/or suggestions welcome

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