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Blood Paladin 55 #476688

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I'd suggest replace the which is look incompletely speech with archery or another skill

By clawshaper on May 15, 2018
#7114 Reply
The speech is there just so I can sell anything to anyone, as I hate having to run back and forth.

By ChaosWulff on May 16, 2018
#7115 Reply
If you're just making this build for yourself, than you should set this to private. If you don't want to do that, than just get rid of the speech perks. If you'd prefer not to, I understand of course, but it strikes me as against the nature of making roleplay builds to include unnecessary perks simply for your own convenience. I'm not trying to shame you for adding perks for your own convenience, just that other people can make the decision for themselves whether to add something or not, just as you can.

By J4nuz on May 16, 2018
#7119 Reply