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The Undying Huntress 64 #476774

"Tales tell of a hunter who was lost in that old crypt. What was it called again? Oh, right... Shriekwind Bastion. You've heard the legends of that place, right? Her body was found there, broken and drained. But the next day... It was gone..."

Hello, fellow Dragonborns! And thank you for deciding to take a look at this build! This is the Undying Huntress, a crossbreed build that focuses on three ways of damage: Magic, Archery, and Swordsmanship. This build is one that I personally use, and it has gotten me through plenty of tough fights. If you want to change a few things about the build to fit you, then you are free to do so. And now, I present to you... the build.

Race, Sex, Stats and Skills

Race: Breton
Sex: Female
Stats: 2/3/1

-Major: Conjuration, Destruction, Archery, Sneak
-Minor: Restoration, Light Armor, One-handed, Illusion, Enchanting


Conjuration will be your most commonly used school of magic besides Destruction. This is because you will be constantly resurrecting a corpse to fight for you in battle. This is until you reach a high enough level to obtain the Dead Thrall spell, at which point you will focus on resurrecting two very powerful Black-Souled creatures to guard you at all times. Those are left for your discretion, but I would suggest any enemies or dead allies that wear heavy armor (i.e. Lydia, Ebony Warrior). Until that point, use whatever dead enemies you come across, or even use your familiar to deal a small amount of damage.


Destruction will be one of your two main sources of damage during battle, or even as a stealth attack if you want. You are free to choose any of the three elements, though I have chosen Electromancy (Lightning Magic) to deal with other mages, as well as the fact that there are no races that have a large resistance to the specific element. You will want to become a Master in your chosen element, but not take the perk, for reasons explained later.


Archery will be used for stealth, or for a ranged strike if an enemy is too far out of your reach for magic alone. This will be your first choice when you go into a dungeon, and you will combine this with Sneak to take down your enemies with ease before they even see you. If you are spotted, however, you will shed your stealth archer approach in exchange for a spellblade approach.


This is rather obvious. Sneak will be your main way of avoiding damage or slipping past enemies, as well as killing said enemies from the shadows in tandem with Archery. Otherwise, this skill will not see much use. It will, however, require a large amount of time placed into it in order to be useful to you, which is the reason it is a major skill.


Restoration will have its uses to you, even though you will not be using many spells from the Restoration school. Seeing as you will have two undead bodyguards and likely Serana accompanying you, it can be useful to keep the Heal Undead Spell, which is one of the spells your magicka will be reserved for. Other spells will be listed below in the Spells, Shouts and Effects section.

Light Armor

Ah, Light Armor. The only reason you won't be investing in the Alteration skill like most mage builds. This will be paramount to protect you from all of those blades and arrows that will likely be whizzing towards you if you get caught. However, this will also be very important in limiting how much magicka you will need to use. How so? Well, you will see later on in the Weapons and Armor section.


One-handed is the only minor damage-dealing skill you will have, because you will be combining it with Destruction to become a spellblade in the case of you being caught while sneaking. If you are caught, I would advise either using these two skills, or running away. Very fast.


Illusion will be important if you want to set up some magical traps in the middle of a heavily-guarded area. This will also double your chances of remaining undetected with the Muffle and Invisibility spells, which will be very important to use if you want the perfect stealth setup.Otherwise, you can attempt to puppet your enemies with frenzy or fear spells, and even use courage spells to strengthen your allies.


Enchanting is fairly obvious. You will be using this skill to enchant your armor and some jewelry with effects that will lower the magicka costs of two of your four schools of magic. This will limit the amount of Magicka you need to use. The best combination would be Restoration and Destruction, but again, the choice is up to you.

Weapons and Armor


Bow: Dwarven Black Bow of Fate
Arrows: Ebony
Sword: Harkon's Sword


Head: Any Circlet (Any 2 Fortify School Enchantment)
Neck: Bone Hawk Necklace (Any 2 Fortify School Enchantment)
Chest: Ancient Falmer Armor/Black Vampire Armor (Any 2 Fortify School Enchantment)
Hands: Ancient Falmer Gauntlets/Vampire Gauntlets (Fortify Archery, Fortify One-Handed)
Finger: Bone Hawk Ring (Any 2 Fortify School Enchantment)
Feet: Ancient Falmer Boots, Vampire Boots (Fortify One-Handed, Fortify Sneak)

Spells, Shouts, Powers and Effects



-Vampiric Drain
Choose 1 Element:
-Fire Rune
-Flame Cloak
-Wall of Flames
-Fire Storm
-Lightning Rune
-Lightning Bolt
-Chain Lightning
-Lightning Cloak
-Wall of Storms
-Lightning Storm
-Frost Rune
-Ice Spike
-Ice Storm
-Frost Cloak
-Icy Spear
-Wall of Frost


-Fast Healing
-Heal Undead
-Grand Healing


-Conjure Familiar
-Raise Zombie
-Flaming Familiar
-Reanimate Corpse
-Conjure Boneman
-Summon Arvak
-Conjure Mistman
-Conjure Wrathman
-Dread Zombie
-Dead Thrall


Choose 2
-Frenzy Rune
-Call to Arms


Aura Whisper
Battle Fury
Become Ethereal
Bend Will
Call Dragon
Call of Valor
Drain Vitality
Fire Breath
Frost Breath
Ice Form
Marked for Death
Slow Time
Soul Tear
Storm Call
Summon Durnehviir
Throw Voice
Unrelenting Force
Whirlwind Sprint


Vampire Lord
Vampire's Servant
Vampire's Sight
Summon Spectral Assassin
Determined by Vampire Stage
Vampire's Seduction
Embrace of Shadows
Choose 1 from The Hidden Twilight
Mora's Agony
Mora's Boon (recommended)
Mora's Grasp
Choose 1 from Filament and Filigree
Secret of Arcana (recommended)
Secret of Protection
Secret of Strength
Choose 1 from Untold Legends
Bardic Knowledge
Black Market
Secret Servant
Choose 1 from Twilight Sepulcher
Nightingale Strife (recommended)
Nightingale Subterfuge
Shadowcloak of Nocturnal
Obtain from Solstheim Stone
Bones of the Earth
Root of Power
Waters of Life

Active Effects

Agent of Dibella
Agent of Mara
Champion of the Night
Resist Disease
Resist Poison
Magic Resistance
Dragon Infusion
Choose 1 from The Winds of Change
Companion's Insight
Lover's Insight (recommended)
Scholar's Insight
Choose 1 from Epistolary Acumen
Dragonborn Flame
Dragonborn Force
Dragonborn Frost
Choose 1 from The Sallow Regent
Seeker of Might
Seeker of Shadows
Seeker of Sorcery (recommended)
Choose 1 from Paarthurnax
Eternal Spirit (recommended)
The Fire Within
Force Without Effort

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