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No Armor Ranger 73 #476930

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I know making hybrid builds are difficult then others, you need the balance between combat, magic, stealth, usually I m suggesting lover stone for hybrids (all skills improve magic, combat, stealth), for archery skill seems left side of path will be better choice, this path gives you speed (quick shot), and improved hit chance (steady aim) which is suits your bow Zephyr, hard to say anything for other skills in your build because I m avoid to change overall shape of your build, that's was my first impressions about your build
yours affectionately...

By clawshaper on May 23, 2018
#7133 Reply
Thanks for the feedback!
The only problem I have with the bows is that light bows somehow do more damage but have slower draw speed, which doesn't make sense. The left (light) side makes more sense but having speed and agility in your attack is important as well. That's why I add Dwarven smithing and Zephyr bow.

Source for drawing speed of each bow that shows that f.e. dwarven and orcish bows are fasten than elven and glass:

By BrtVdP on May 25, 2018
#7135 Reply
Light weapons in general are better than their heavy counterparts in terms of raw damage. This is likely balanced in such a way as to give players more of a reason to choose the Light Armors branch of the Smithing perk tree. It may not make sense from a logistical standpoint, but from a balancing standpoint, it makes plenty of sense.

That said, when was the last time Bethesda made a properly balanced game?

By wuyixiang on May 26, 2018
#7136 Reply
A very good point emoticon
I'm guessing they were thinking from a sneaking perspective. Assassins go light armor and need one shot kills so light bows have to do more damage.

By BrtVdP on May 26, 2018
#7137 Reply
It still doesn't make sense how a lighter material somehow ends up making a bow with a heavier draw weight, but if games were 100% realistic, they'd be boring.

By wuyixiang on May 26, 2018
#7138 Reply
Selecting all perks very practical choice, but in return that cause something like overpowered characters, you don't need to pick all perks just pick what is necessary

By clawshaper on May 23, 2018
#7131 Reply
True, but sometimes you need unnecessary perks to get to the vital ones (f.e. extra effect perk in the enchanting tree). Are there perks you're thinking of this build shouldn't need? I might change it if Isee your point.

By BrtVdP on May 23, 2018
#7132 Reply
Eh, for a sneak archer, rapid-fire weapons like Zephyr aren't especially useful since you'd ideally want to take out your target in one shot.

By wuyixiang on May 22, 2018
#7126 Reply
True,but you won't always be able to take out an enemy in one shot, nor will you be able to always stay hidden. When your cover is blown and you're in a one on one battle, faster drawing bows are extremely benefitial. Damage per second is often more important than damage per shot.

Ideally you get a high damage bow for sneak attacks and a fast drawing bow for combat.

By BrtVdP on May 22, 2018
#7128 Reply
I disagree. A good stealth sniper should never be seen simply because or how OP Skyrim's sneak system is.

By wuyixiang on May 22, 2018
#7129 Reply
There will always be enemies you can't hide from at the start of the game: dragons, Miraak, Mercer, Wherewolve ghost during final Companions quest... If you play on legendary with a sneak level of 15, you're going to get caught once in a while. I've learned the importance of fast drawing bows from YouTubers like ESO and Fudge Muppet, who kinda wrote the book on this matter.

But if you don't need it and never get caught, you indeed go for the one shot one kill strategy emoticon

By BrtVdP on May 23, 2018
#7130 Reply
I agree to that

By Zlorfik on May 22, 2018
#7127 Reply