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Mystical Elf 42 #476933

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I don't see how this fits the theme of the build contest. Sure, the race is Altmer, but besides that?
The build itself is fine, although you can't put spell reduction on boots. And going to the land of the Nords, because you don't like warmongers? That is a huge contradiction.

By overtone on Dec 10, 2018
#7480 Reply
And level 50 with only five skills? With seven skills, you reach level 49, so try to limit the number of perks in the future based on the number of skills. And the right side of the speech skill is rubbish, certainly for a lawful, friendly character

By overtone on Dec 10, 2018
#7481 Reply
I agree with you about the speech skill and the description. I apparently forgot to add another line in the backstory where I describe that she goes to Skyrim to aid the people suffering from the war. I remove the speech skill. About not fitting the theme. I don't think there is much of a theme. The race only has to be Altmer and that's it. In my opinion, that's not even a theme.

By jodro on Dec 10, 2018
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