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Creator 40 #477074

The idea was to make a loving and caring character who uses all "creation" skills (basically an all-knowing creator) and stay as far as possible from any skills that deal damage, but since everything in skyrim is trying to kill you I included summons as a way of defending yourself and it kinda fits in the theme "Creator". Try avoiding and running from enemys except if someone is in danger or if someone is hurting innocent. Your character is of peaceful and gentle nature always ready to help, although he is not a warrior or a destructive mage he will still stand for the people in need and innocent in trouble.
Feel free to change conjuration for illusion or alteration but that will only make game harder until mid-level character where you can calm your enemys or paralyse them.
This build was made solely for fun and roleplaying!

P.S. Your Character Is a Wood Elf!


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