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I thank you all for your time and comments and i hope you all have a great day emoticon

By Soratos on Jun 6, 2018
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anyway good build emoticon

By clawshaper on Jun 5, 2018
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i'd replace conjuration and enchanting with sneak and speech, because you can sell your products to shopkeepers as a peddler with speech and you can hide enemies with sneaking (through shadow warrior), and add lycanthropy as a weapon as yourself emoticon
like this

By clawshaper on Jun 5, 2018
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Solid build in my opinion. I wonder why you say Illusion is harder than Conjuration. I can use calm, frenzy or fear on a bunch of enemies and still have the same amount of problems as with Conjuration. For Alteration however I agree. It has not enough fighting or even protective potential early on.

By Zlorfik on Jun 1, 2018
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Thanks for the comment. I understand that illusion is probably the better option between the two when you are going for a pacifist run , but illusion is ALMOST useless at lower levels. You need to practice it on wild animals and weak enemys until you come mid-level with illusion, that said it's sort of a same scenario with conjuration but you can raise conjuration till skill level 50 in couple of minutes with one handed sword in one hand and conjure familiar in other and then you put all perk points in conjuration and buy atronach spells. Again, that said you could also get the illusion spell muffle and do the same trick here, but the main point is give your best shot at being a good character where violence is minimal or non-existent. For those who look for a greater challenge it's advised to use alteration. Have fun mate!

By Soratos on Jun 2, 2018
#7143 Reply
The only place where Illusion is utterly useless, is when you fight undead or animunculi. As for the rest, a well placed frenzy spell kills a whole mob even at level 1.
Conjuration is a bit more of a secure way of doing things because you know what you see is what you get. With Illusion you have everything from a very big to a very small return on investment.

By Zlorfik on Jun 4, 2018
#7144 Reply
Even with Undead and Automatons, you eventually get Master of the Mind in late-game, and it becomes useful again.

By wuyixiang on Jun 4, 2018
#7145 Reply
I agree, but Soratos was pointing out to low level and one won't have Master of the Mind at low level emoticon

By Zlorfik on Jun 5, 2018
#7149 Reply
Well, you can always grind for the sake of power levels. xD

By wuyixiang on Jun 5, 2018
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